Coca-Cola: Coke Mini (Hulk vs. Ant-Man)

Epic commercial! #makeminemarvelcoke

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Two thirsty heroes. Only one Coca-Cola Mini. Witness an epic chase between Marvel’s biggest and smallest Super Heroes: the Incredible Hulk and Astonishing Ant-Man. Despite their differences in size, Hulk and Ant-Man both know what it’s like to get thirsty. But when there’s just one Coke Mini left in the fridge, who will prevail?

In case you missed it, here’s the Super Bowl Coke commercial with two of Marvel’s heroes.

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Titans Clash: Super Cam v. Iron Manning

Hey there True Readers! It’s sure been awhile but I’m back! You can always catch my weekly reviews at in the interim if you’re ever itching.

So I thought I’d do something a bit different today and try to have some fun with it. (Hey it’s my blog and I can try if I want to) 

So the premise here is a new column where I will take two opposing sides of conflict and pit them against each other here in a titanic literary smackdown! I want to stay as current as possible but I will jump around to all time frames if I feel froggy enough. (Call me the Rip Hunter, of the Blogoverse) 

So with that being said, we had some very significant events happen yesterday in the form of two professional championship football games. We had on the AFC side, the evil empire of the gridiron: New England Patriots, led by Tom “Terrific” Brady vs the Heroes of the Mile High: Denver Broncos flanked by Peyton “Iron” Manning.


Like their many clashes before this again was one for the ages. It had action, drama, suspense, and was full of shock and awe. This was tooth and nail till the final tick of the clock and no matter what side you were on, in the end you were proud to be a football fan. (Being a native New Englander myself I had the urge to wear black in the midst of my morning today but, I came to my senses soon enough) Yes I was surely dejected that my team lost (Don’t look so surprised, I root for the Sith against the Jedi too) but was proud of the fight and they never gave up till the end.

When the smoke had cleared, the victors stood tall. Peyton Manning is going back to his 4th Super Bowl and will try to write what may be the final chapter of a long standing epic career. He will be looking to close this story with a big W on February 7th in front of the bright lights with the millions and millions looking on.

Victory comes with it’s price though. As the now battle weary heroes will have to do battle once more before they can lay claim to that holy grail. One thing is for sure, it will be a challenge the likes of which they’ve never seen.

Which brings us to the other side of the coin. The showdown in the NFC for the vaunted title between the New Kids on the Block: Carolina Panthers spearheaded by their now folk hero-like one “Super” Cam Newton who would throw down with the Wily Veterans of the West: Arizona Cardinals and their field general: Carson “Power” Palmer.


Unlike the AFC showdown this did not resemble anything of a titanic struggle between two forces at all. Super Cam all but dispatched of his foes almost single handedly. It wasn’t even a fight, since the other team decided not to show up. (Sorry Cardinals fans, it was downright embarrassing and I felt truly sorry for you 49-15, your team should have called in sick)

With their enemies vanquished on the field, the stage is now set. On February 7th in Santa Clara, CA we will see a battle for the ages. It’s young gun v. old gun and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Both teams are heading out west to go to war for the richest prize in all of sports: The Beli, er.. Lombardi Trophy. This signifies you are the best of the best in the world. It doesn’t get any more gunslinger than that folks. Problem is, one of these outlaws is going to have to go home empty handed and fully of heavy heart.

So if your on either side, what do you do? Well the key to victory is all in the preparation. You have to know your enemy. In order to do that you have to see what both sides bring to the table.

In today’s society we pretty much revere sports superstars as folk heroes of sorts. Since the place where this final war will take place is aptly known as the “Super Bowl” I thought let’s have some fun and re-imagine both team quarterbacks as just that.

It’s Super Cam v Iron Manning in a battle for all of football supremacy with our sports laden hearts hanging in the balance. Depending on what side you are on, you may classify this as good v. evil, Marvel v. DC, Batman v. Superman, or even yes Trump v. Everyone.

Each hero has their own unique way of achieving victory time and time again. For Super-Cam he has the ability to shoulder tremendous pressure and never lose sight of the victory at all times. His devil may care like approach allows him to thrust himself into the fray in a moments notice and never once have a second thought about the danger involved. The opposing forces always try to bring him down through various schemes but he always pulls through. He’s good at the long bomb and allowing time for the enemy to make a mistake so he may capitalize on it with the help of his troops. To the untrained eye it would almost seem that this man of apparent nigh invulnerability has no weakness to even speak of.

However like even his personal hero Superman, Cam has his form of kryptonite: his ego. The one hindrance that can bring even the mightiest warrior down. He is almost shameful in his display of this fact. For if someone could find away to twist this against him, it could be his Achilles heel. Cam loves to grandstand and play to the crowd as much as possible. If he is put into a situation where he is forced to rely on the other members of his team, he can be neutralized. The bad news is, many a force has tried this and almost next to none have succeeded. He has but one blemishing chink in his armor this season, which makes this almost an otherworldly task to accomplish. It can be done however. If one has not tasted the bitter agony of defeat time and time before, then one will surely be unaware of the pitfalls that may await them. It will be up to Iron Manning and his Denver Revengers to take the fight to Cam. It shouldn’t be a battle of brawn, but better yet a battle of wills. There is one hero in this fight who through constant tribulations, has a will that is tempered.

Which brings us to Peyton now. Peyton is no stranger to the agony of defeat. He has tasted it’s mighty sting before and maybe shall yet again. This time though he has an edge. He is going to war with a foe who is in all new territory. Cam has never been to the mountain top and is not familiar with the terrain that lies ahead. This can be used to his advantage. Being on this front for a long time, Peyton’s skills are not what they once were. That’s okay though, they don’t need to be. All he has to do is be as good once, as he ever was. (Hey that reminds me of a song) If he can be great, one more time it might just be good enough. The good news is, where Cam’s ego is his folly, Peyton is not afflicted the same way. Earlier in his career he may have been more of a center focus, he is now seemingly melded to his team. They are a more in sync machine. All of them with parts to play. This could be a tactical advantage against his one man show foe. If he forces Cam to make mistakes, and the defense keeps bringing the heat, the war could be his. It’s exuberance against experience. The latter may be the one key that can be useful to breaking the Panthers Cinderella spell.

So who will win the battle of skill v. will? Only time will tell. One thing for sure is, history will be made on that day. The remaining question is.. which side are you on?




Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer and Poster Review

The Greene Screen

The Road to Episode VII | My column @ Forces of

Sometimes, J.J. Abrams’ “Mystery Box” approach to promoting a film can be frustrating. This time, however, he is running on all cylinders as the trailer gave us a lot without spoiling much of anything. I still have no idea what this movie is about, but the footage that was revealed made my imagination run wild with possibilities.

Kylo Ren standing over the scorched Darth Vader helmet and vowing, “Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish, what you started.”  Wow, just, wow. What does that even mean? Did Vader have a grand design that none of us are aware of?

Does Kylo know that Vader turned good at the end of Return of the Jedi? We’ve had Sith lords that deal in absolutes, but never a dark side wielder that is clinically insane. What else…

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Sunday Roundtable: How much does the diversity of the characters or the creators affect what you read?

An intelligent discussion by a collective around a table. Hmmm who’da thunk it? #thunderdomediscussion

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JLA Roundtable diversitySundays are known for experts sitting around tables pontificating on today’s hottest and most debated topics. We’re keeping up that tradition with our own Sunday Roundtable where the Graphic Policy team debates a topic.

On tap this week?

How much does the diversity of the characters or the creators affect what you read? Is it something you think about when reading comics?

Elana: It’s a huge issue for me. I pay attention to it closely

Brett: So, the reason I ask and threw this up there as a topic, there’s only a handful of creators I actually follow, and most of the time, I couldn’t tell you who is writing or drawing what.

It’s something I care about (different voices is a good thing), but not sure how much it actually impacts my buying or reading habit.

Having varied creators and characters is a great thing, even just for the…

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Remembering 9/11


Today is a day for remembrance. I don’t care what your political affiliation may be, I want you to think back to that infamous day. For on that day we were not rich or poor, defined by any color or even good or bad people. We were simply just Americans. Americans who were trying to deal with an injustice that many of us until then thought only existed in the pages of comic books. We were wrong. Evil didn’t just exist in a comic book, no. Luckily for us, neither did heroes. I will never forget what real heroes did for us that day. How they put their bodies and lives on the line without even a second thought. I often wonder could I summon such courage had I have been in their shoes. I’d like to think I could, but thanks to these spectacularly selfless people I may never have to. So I ask any of you who reads this today, to take a moment of your time and remember them. Remember those brave souls who lost and gave their lives, so that we may live a better one when we wake each morning. Please remember that spirit and fire you felt when you witnessed this unfathomable tragedy. Though fourteen long years have passed, it is so easy to have a short memory. Don’t. Today when you bow your head in silence, pay homage to those who had the courage to do whatever needed to be done. They don’t need medals or awards or parades. They simply need your thanks. Remember their loss was our loss. I’m not interested in theories or conspiracies. No, not today. Today just give them what they eternally deserve. Today we grieve for only one day, and for one cause. Today we are One America. God bless us all. May we never forget. May we never surrender, and thank God for heroes.

Batgirl: R.I.P: Yvonne Craig passes away


“Who was this masked madam?”

It’s certainly a sad day for me. One of the tv icons I was fondest of growing up has passed away. Yvonne Craig (78) who is best known (at least to me) for playing Batgirl in the now classic 60’s live action incarnation of Batman, is no more. She had a long suffered bout with breast cancer but she kept on the fight like a true hero would. She was a pioneer in women playing caped heroes onscreen. A fun fact is she was so popular as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter on the show that it forced DC Comics to include her in the monthly Batman adventures of Detective Comics. She made her debut in 1967 in Detective Comics #359. (Which now will be very sought after) The point is folks, Barbara Gordon the character that so many love, may not have happened if it wasn’t for the memorable actress playing her first. Yes, I know Yvonne is known for so much more than donning a mask, but to me I’ll always remember her speeding through Gotham City on her motorcycle looking so glam and ready to kick butt. Sure the entire show was campy but it was still grand and served as most people’s introduction to Batgirl. Today she still serves as the only on-screen portrayal of Barbara Gordon that matters. (Sorry Alicia Silverstone, but we’d like to use some Bat-Wake spray to make us forget that awful acting in Batman and Robin movie, and the movie all together!) Somebody please tell Alfred to make room in the cave for another display. Today another crime fighter hangs up her boots and comes home. Goodbye Mrs. Craig, thank you for all the memories and say hello to Caesar Romero, Burgess Meridith and Frank Gorshin for us! Gotham City will definitely be less safe without you.


Review: Grayson #10

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GRAY_Cv10_ds_55ad2c6ecbadc8_02661129“Bird without a net”

We open up where last issue left off, at the museum during the aftermath of the daring heist on the Duchess.  Our hero Dick Grayson Super Secret Agent Spy (or Agent 37 to you cool kids) is currently making his exit stage left with a smile and witty quips in tow.

While making his escape he is talking to his Director (the lovely former Huntress: Helena Bertanelli) as she informs him that someone is killing fellow agents and making it look like he’s the one doing it. Naturally Dick knows this isn’t true so he sets off to clear his good name.

Meanwhile back at the scene of the crime, Agent 1 is clearing the cobwebs having just been knocked for a loop by his fellow cohort and is not happy. Before he can collect his thoughts he has a brawl with museum security (seriously?) and dispatches them…

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